Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three-Hour Tour

I worked late (until about 7:00) today, but still, I was able to do the following in about 3 hours after getting home and settled:
  • Went through all my mail and recycled about 10 pounds of flyers and envelopes.
  • Sorted, washed, and dried two big loads of laundry (including rearranging all of my clean top-tier scarves on the drying rack that is their home).
  • E-filed my Federal tax return online.
  • Got mad that State would cost another $37 (I don't remember this last year!) so I deleted it from my return and filled out the return myself using the MN form M1 PDF. It was worth $37 for sure. It is actually kind of satisfying to stuff eight pieces of paper into an envelope and affix three stamps like my mother has done all her adult life.
  • Paid all of my bills (I like writing checks out!)
  • Completed the 2010 Census (I like filling out forms too... see above). I don't really care about the Census at all but it's postage-paid so whatever.
  • Listened to a wonderful lecture on the major sin of gossip by Bilal Assad, one of my favorite sheiukh.
I may be a procrastinator, but I can make things happen when I try real hard.



  1. heh, sounds like you had a huge stack of papers waiting to be taken care of. That's when I get the most done too... when I can't hide from them anymore.