Friday, February 12, 2010


I hope I haven't given up on this blog already. I'm just so swamped, it's hard to maintain all of the electronic "friends" in my life. But this blog is supposed to be just for me (and the three people who will ever read it) as a way to just type everything out. So I'm going to try to keep up, if only to retain some sanity.

Working your old and new job at the same time is not advised, but I really need the overlap paychecks to get my financial act together. Student loans, Ruby Sue (my lil' Impreza), and rent are taking a bite outta my chex.

I'm considering moving in with my friend's little sister, who has become my good friend since her sis moved to Saudi Arabia last year. It would be an adjustment to have a roommate, but I think she and I would be a good match. She can't really cook but doesn't mind cleaning, and I am the opposite. I would be able to cut my rent down to less than half of what I'm paying now, but would have to move to the evil twin of Minneapolis.


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