Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pure exhaustion

After waking up for fajr (morning prayer) at 6:30, it was a nonstop day of car shopping with my friend who is looking to buy her first car. Sandwiched in-between two marathon sessions of driving from lot to lot and sliding around on the ice/in the slushy waters of said lots in inappropriate footwear trying to find a good deal (all while avoiding the skeevy guys who work there), I also had training at my new, new job.

This was technical training on how to manage the organization's website, which is easy enough, but when you are on very little sleep and your toes are still numb from test-driving a car with no heat (seriously, people!), it's hard to concentrate.

We finally gave up at 4:00 and she decided to save some more money so she could afford to buy something not gross.

Am now lounging at home in the East African equivalent to the mumu and loving it.

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